Hello Elvia! Let's learn How to ride a bike
Learn how to ride a bike can be a real challenge if you are not a child anymore. The fear of falling down may be so strong that your mind will trick you and not allow your learning.
Bicycle and friends A friend helping
You are going to need all the support you can get.
But sometimes it is better less help, and more self-confidence.
Step 1

In order to overcome the fear, you should ask some friends to backup you while you are learning, since they are a more frequently company than your parents right now.
Step 2

Borrow a bike from one of them, and then find a safe place to begin.
Step 3

Find the perfect balance may take a little while, but it will come.
Step 4

Make sure you know how to use both brakes before going in the direction of a tree.
Step 5

Be confident of yourself, and try do not be so afraid of falling; there are your friends to help you if it happens (after some good laughs).