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Color Run at RIT lettering
Red Barn at RIT
Responsive Webdesign Project
Red Barn Climbing is RIT’s indoor rock climbing gym, located in the Outdoor Education Red Barn on the west end of campus. The Red Barn is primarily a bouldering gym, which is a type of rope-less rock climbing where participants fall onto padded surfaces, but the Barn also has a 35 foot tall top-roping wall.

Our proposal was to create a site that focus on the challenging yet rewarding nature of climbing at the Red Barn providing useful information to the visitors and possible new visitors. We also created a mini-game embeded in the website to engage the users with the sport outside the barn.

Project partners:
Carmem de Andrade, Carolina Ribeiro and Matthew Brown

Red Barn Mobile website
Red Barn Desktop website
Red Barn Tablet website
Red Barn Mobile website
Game screens for desktop:
Red Barn Game screens for Desktop
Do you want to take a look in the working version of the website?
Desktop Version
Tablet Version
Mobile Version
Here you can see the entire project process:
View presentation
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