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Oi, tudo bem?!

Hi, I'm Carmem, a 23 years old Brazilian student doing a study abroad program at RIT. I'm in Rochester since August 2013, and I'll be here until 2014-15 winter, when I'll finally go back to my home town Rio de Janeiro, and finish my Graphic Design degree at PUC-Rio. If you want talk to me, design, packaging, branding, illustration, movies, Doctor Who and "how Brazilian food tastes much better than American" are good ways to start. Although I had some internship experiences in Brazil, I'm always looking for new job challenges. In case that you like my work exposed here, please take a look in my portfolio.

Project 1

This is my responsive project about Virtual Communities & Collaboration.

Check it out.

Project 2

Work in progress. Not available right now.

Coming soon!

Project 3


Check it out!

Text Exercises

Image Exercises

Color Exercises

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